What better way to discover a hot new artist than with an exclusive premiere of her new single – ‘Bad For Us (Adam Turner Club Mix).’ We caught up with Eva to find out more…

Tell us about your music?
I’ve always been a lover of pop music and that’s shaped my overall style today. My music is fun, it makes you want to get up and dance.  Everyone goes through hard times and with all the crap life throws at us, I just to be a source of joy for my fans. Hopefully my music will inspire you to let loose and enjoy life, even if its just one song at a time.

Can you tell us about what ‘Bad for Us’ is about?
A toxic relationship that you know is bad for your overall well-being but you still can’t help staying in. Love makes people do crazy and stupid things all the time, sometimes the chemistry between two people can be so strong that they ignore all the red flags.

What is your songwriting process is like?

Honestly, I tend to write a lot at home on my own – it’s a great outlet for me. Usually at night I’ll sit at my keyboard, with a glass or two of wine and start pouring my emotions out into lyrics. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes they don’t. I have my fun upbeat songs but I also love writing ballads, even if just for personal, therapeutic reasons. But hopefully you’ll get to hear some of those as well.

Tell us who influences you musically?
Some of the women I love and draw inspiration from are Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce. I grew up obsessed with the Spice Girls! I also love Bruno Mars, Sublime, and some classic 80’s rock bands.

Who did you work with in the studio?
I’ve worked with Snoop Dog and Tyga in the past which was awesome! I’ve also been lucky enough to work with some amazing songwriters, producers, and other artists over the years.

What  projects are you working on at the moment?
Right now we are focusing on promoting ‘Bad For Us’. I’m also finishing my EP in the studio and we’re prepping for New York and London Fashion Weeks coming up very soon!

What was it like shooting with  to shoot with such a world ANTM & The Face’s, Nigel Barker?
I had an amazing shoot with Nigel! We were at a warehouse studio in Brooklyn, NY in December so it was very cold. Nigel is clearly great at what he does, it’s very cool to watch him create the vision and make it come to life. Plus I got to utilize my “Smize” skills… thanks Tyra! Looking forward to attending New York Fashion week with Nigel!

Tell us about the EVA live experience.
I like to throw a party on stage! I usually have a DJ, dancers, props, confetti and I’ll even hand out shots from the stage. There’s a lot that goes into my shows!

And you’ve been gathering a LGBT audience too?
I’ve played some exciting events in the LGBTQ community, the White Party in Palm Springs was my first. That led to doing more and more including Pride festivals. I loved it! I feel very happy and at home with the LGBTQ community and I always seem to get the same love and support right back. I love to put on fun and entertaining shows which fits because gay clubs are some of the most energetic & fun places to go out!

We are named after the infamous Mariah Carey song. What is your favourite Mariah song?
Well, coming out of the holiday season, probably ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Which is funny coming from a Jewish girl who doesn’t celebrate Christmas haha but I don’t know… I just really like it! It’s so festive!