Take me to your heaven
I want all the girls like,
“I’ll have what she’s havin'”**
“Breath Away”, Eva Universe
A lot has been happening for dancefloor bangstress (new word, trademark 2012 Melismatic) Eva — now credited as Eva Universe (perhaps to avoid confusion with another Eva…Simons, perhaps?) — since I last checked in with her this past January.Her last single, “Body On Mine” (feat. Tyga), went Top 10 on Billboard’s Dance Charts. She recently shared the stage with Australian DJ phenom Havana Brown. And — best of all for 80’s lovers like moi — she recently unleashed her most recent single in the form of the dancey “Breath Away,” a 2012 “revamp” of sorts to Berlin‘s ‘Top Gun’ classic “Take My Breath Away”.
Now, before you get all up in arms about homegirl covering Berlin — the song is definitely not a strict cover per say. The song itself is all synth and 808 weeble-wobbles fit for clubthumping and just when the pre-chorus should kick in, gears shift, tempos change and along comes the epic “Take My Breath Away” hook. No sooner does the final echo of “Take My Breath Away” fade does it go right back to dancefloor bid-ness as usual with slinky “Oh! Oh! Ooh-whoa whoa! That sh*t takes my breath away!” before hitting verse dos. And so on and so forth. It also includes a rap-talkin’ bridge reminiscent of a Fergie or Ke$ha.