Pop sensation Eva Universe, has quickly gained the attention of artists across all genres, including Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco and Gucci Mane. During her young career, she has already opened for Nas and Alicia Keys. Her collaboration with Tyga, “Body of Mine,” rose to number nine on the Billboard Dance Chart.

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Chris Remmers: With Los Angeles being your home town, what are some of the best things to see when in town for the first time?

Eva Universe: There’s just so much to do, one of my favorites is the Hollywood Walk of Famewhere you get to walk around and see all of the stars on the ground from all of the big names. I also love Universal Studios and Disneyland, those kinds of things are right up my alley.

CR: What do you like best about Disneyland?

EU: Ugh! This is a tough one! I would say my favorite ride is Tower of Terror, which is inCalifornia Adventure.

CR: What about the rest of California? What would you say are some hot spots if I was coming for the first time?

EU: Well I am from up in northern California, close to San Francisco, so I would say one attraction everyone should see is the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s walkable, the view is amazing and San Francisco is a really cool city on its own. There’s also Yosemite [National Park], which is not too far from northern California, and Lake Tahoe which is also really nice.

Travel Profile: Eva UniversePhoto courtesy | Edward Stojakovic

CR: Out of all the cities you’ve performed in are there any that stand out in terms of crowd atmosphere? Was it in line with the cities nightlife?

EU: Oh yeah, for me one of my biggest stand outs was in Miami. I got to perform a couple times at a gay club called Club Score. It was so much fun, I had a blast. I was so excited to be able to return and preform there for a second time. You know it’s Miami, party central, totally fell in line with the whole party atmosphere.

CR: I’m sure the party atmosphere down there is crazy.

EU: It’s amazing!

Travel Profile: Eva Universe

Eva loves tasting new cuisines during her travels.


CR: When going to a new destination, what’s the first thing you try and do when you arrive?

EU: The first thing, to be honest, would be food. My family and I have always kind of been into fine dining, so I always love to try and find new foods — culturally that’s an awesome thing. I remember I went to Italy and still remember how good the food was.

CR: I’m a foodie too, what would you say your favorite food is?

EU: I’m cheeseburger girl. I like those places that make those really good gourmet burgers — burgers and fries, yeah I’m American.

CR: How do you think music and travel fit together in your life?

EU: Wherever you go in the world music is always so different. Every culture and country has their own style of music, or has a different genre trending in their country at the time. So it’s cool to experience that, and for me it’s important, because when I am traveling, I always have my music with me. If I go on a road trip with friends we’re always blasting old spice girl’s tunes.


CR: Where does your inspiration normally come from? Does traveling or being in different environments play a role?

EU: I’d say most of my inspiration is from my own life experiences, and there’s nothing like some good life experiences when you’re seeing the world and traveling. Just getting familiar with the world around you and not being stuck in my little California bubble. There’s so much out there — so much to learn!

CR: I couldn’t agree more. Everyone has some form of a bucket list. What are your top three destinations you want to see that you haven’t been to yet?

EU: For sure I’ve always wanted to go on an African safari — that would be awesome. I’ve heard so many great things about Spain and Barcelona, that’s up there on my list. I also have a Polish and Russian background, so I think it would be really cool to go to Poland.

Travel Profile: Eva UniversePhoto courtesy | David Berkowitz

CR: When you are in search of  a personal getaway, do you prefer relaxing on a beach? Or are you looking for an urban nightlife setting?

EU: A little bit of both. I’d say usually if I’m trying to go on a relaxing vacation I’d prefer the beach and laying out in the sun, drinking my Mai Tai or Pina Colada. That’s usually what I prefer, but I always enjoy going out and experiencing different cultures when I’m traveling.

CR: Sounds like my kind of vacation. How do you feel music brings culture together? Obviously every place you go to has a different cultural music style.

EU: Well it’s a historical thing. Every culture has their own history of music, from what it was way back when, to what it has morphed into now. It connects people in different cultures. Music brings people together if they like the same artist or music. You [instantly] have something in common and can connect on a more personal level with various people and cultures.

CR: Lastly, when is the next big trip and what for?

EU: My mom and I are talking about going to the Grand Canyon. I have never been, so that should be exciting. I really want to go there!

Travel Profile: Eva UniversePhoto courtesy | Chris Murphy

CR: Are you scared of heights?

EU: No, not really, why?

CR: If you’re going to take a trip to the Grand Canyon there’s an amazing glass platform that takes you over the edge. You can look down and see everything. I would definitely recommend to checking that out.

EU: Oh cool, I would totally do that! I also think it would be amazing to go white water rafting down the [Colorado River] as well. I don’t know how the weather will permit for that so we’ll see!

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